Lauren Prantil

Five Easy Steps to Improve Sales Calls to Inbound Leads

When conducting sales calls to your B2B inbound leads, it is difficult to decide exactly the best way to grab the prospects attention. Typically, as soon as the prospect feels that the reason of your call is to sell them something, they’ll usually shut down or hang up altogether. How many times have you received a sales call and felt turned off from the get-go?
To encourage your prospects to listen, the first thing you need to ALWAYS remember is to put the customer FIRST. Imagine yourself as this person, what would you want to hear and what would you not listen to? To make this easier, I have listed 5 easy steps to remember when conducting cold calls or following up with inbound leads.

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The 3 Basics of Social Media – Is Your Brand Falling Short?

Whether you like it or not, Social Media has become a prevalent part of today’s society. Just look at the most recent Super Bowl commercials for example – at the end of each clip, there was almost always a hashtag for the commercial. For those who do not know, a hashtag is a word or phase preceded by the pound sign (#) and is used to identify messages on a particular topic. If there was a commercial that consumers really liked, for example – the adorable clip of the puppy and Budweiser horse, people could go onto social media and talk about this commercial by using the hashtag #bestbuds. In return, if anyone wants to see who else is talking about the commercial, they can click the #bestbuds link and you will be transported to a plethora of conversations about the same topic.

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