Five Easy Steps to Improve Sales Calls to Inbound Leads

When conducting sales calls to your B2B inbound leads, it is difficult to decide exactly the best way to grab the prospects attention. Typically, as soon as the prospect feels that the reason of your call is to sell them something, they’ll usually shut down or hang up altogether. How many times have you received a sales call and felt turned off from the get-go?
To encourage your prospects to listen, the first thing you need to ALWAYS remember is to put the customer FIRST. Imagine yourself as this person, what would you want to hear and what would you not listen to? To make this easier, I have listed 5 easy steps to remember when conducting cold calls or following up with inbound leads.

1. Know Their Problem

Before going into the call, it is crucial to understand the problem that is impacting the business’ productivity or sales. If you come into the call knowing exactly how you are going to help them, they will be more inclined to listen to what you have to say.

2. Offer Your Solution
Once you figure out the businesses’ problem, you next need to let them know what you will do to help them, and the overall value of your services. Profit is important, and customers’ want to know if what you would do would be of impact to them.

3. Create a Plan of Action
During the call, encourage your prospect to describe their business challenges. Use this conversation as a way to provide a simple action plan that will help them overcome some of the challenges they mentioned.

4. Establish Credibility
Establishing trust by mentioning relevant case studies and examples of how you helped similar businesses. If you can, ask companies you’ve worked with to write testimonials for you as well. This will give your leads confidence in knowing that what you are offering is legitimate.

5. Maintain a Personal Relationship
Don’t treat your prospect as just another paycheck. They are people too, and like you, they want to be treated as such. Make it easy for them to know you want to help, and most importantly, always listen.

Sales calls are difficult for everyone. Remember, you are providing your prospects with a solution to their problems. Approach each call as an opportunity to help a business overcome their challenges and increase their bottom line. Yes, it’s almost always hard at first, but after a few calls you will get into a rhythm. The more you call, the more you’ll get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be helping new businesses in no time!

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Lauren Prantil

Content Strategist at SocialCore Marketing
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