Top of Mind – Staying in Front of Your Customers Is so Important

Being top of mind is one of the best ways to gain customers. Every business strives to make their name synonymous with their business. We all want potential customers to think of us first. The question is, how we stay in the front of the minds of our target audience?

There are many ways to accomplish this. Google owns 70 percent of the search traffic in the US. Their name has become a verb which keeps them in the front of everyone’s mind. You no longer search for answers, you Google for answers.

Rebecca Black wrote a song called Friday. If you’ve ever listened to the song or seen the music video it’s nothing to be impressed by. But on YouTube alone this one song has 52 million views. This is a because of a trigger that kept this song “top of mind”. Every time Friday rolled around the view count would spike.

As a small business owner you’re probably thinking that these are good examples that don’t apply to you. In short, I agree. You can’t make your company into a verb, it just happens. And trying to rename your company after a day of the week probably won’t help you much either. By using targeted inbound marketing tactics you can become top of mind to your target audience.

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